Gillian Beeton is a Self-Esteem Facilitator, Life Coach and Life Orientation Educator. Her company Real Self is affiliated to the Building Self-Esteem Organisation. She works with corporates, individuals, educators, parents and learners in the area of self-development. She also facilitates male and female groups for the Johannesburg Correctional Services as a part of their rehabilitative programme. In addition, she has worked with the Learning Channel, SABC Education, scripting and presenting Life Orientation for Grades 10 and 12 learners.

Following a career in marketing, the tragic death of her husband was a catalyst for the discovery of her purpose which is to facilitate learning with parents, educators, learners and corporates in the area of Personal Development and Self-Esteem. In 2006 she graduated cum laude at Pretoria University as an FET Life Orientation Teacher.

In the last eight years she has established Real Self, a successful self-development company; she climbed Kilimanjaro; she took her two children sailing on the Indian Ocean for a whole year and successfully home-schooled them; at 38 she returned to university to receive a teaching qualification and also graduated as a self-esteem facilitator with the Building Self-Esteem Organisation. She is a certified Martha Beck life coach in order to provide greater depth to her offering.

She is married to Ryan and works at implementing her skills with her three children.

She has facilitated numerous workshops and one-on-one sessions in the corporate arena namely, addressing organisational change and integration, addressing team cohesion and positive engagement, addressing lack of morale, motivation and personal accountability, lack of productivity, as well as low levels of self-esteem. She has also been involved in programmes for women, learners, educators and parents.

She is passionate about two current ventures namely, training future self-esteem facilitators and working on a creative childrens’ book that encourages self-esteem development.