My Self-Esteem Checklist

Where is your level of self-esteem right now?  Complete this self-esteem checklist by selecting the number that best applies to you right now. How you relate to yourself in terms of the listed behaviours will be a good indication of your current level of self-esteem and how to enhance it – 1 means seldom and 5 means always. Bear in mind that these behaviours reflect your relationship with yourself.

I matter
I am capable
I am lovable
I communicate my point of view
I am equal
I have positive self-talk
I accept myself as I am
I have fun
I set and achieve realistic goals
I empower myself to find solutions
I encourage myself and others
I have a healthy diet
I laugh at myself
I do not compare myself with others
I do regular exercise
I am compassionate
I value myself and others
I take responsibility for all aspects of my life
I am loving
I accept compliments
I have healthy relationships
I am caring
I am challenging
I embrace diversity
I am comfortable with my gender
I have a balanced lifestyle
I take appropriate risks
I live my values
I make decisions
I express my feelings effectively


My Score
Low score: 30 to 70
Middle score: 71 to 110
High score: 111 to 150