Building Self Esteem

Real Self is affiliated to the Building Self-Esteem Organisation. Gillian Beeton completed the Self-Esteem Facilitation training in 2006 and has been training Self-Esteem Facilitators for the Building Self-Esteem Organisation since 2009. Bulding Self-Esteem was founded by Celia Coburn 28 years ago. This organisation and more specifically Celia Coburn, has positively impacted many thousands of lives in South Africa over the years.

In addition, Gillian works with Celia and a group of passionate Self-Esteem Facilitators in the Johannesburg Correctional Services as part of offender rehabilitation.

Real Expressions

Gillian has collaborated with Expressive Artist, Janine Rech to offer creative personal development workshops for both children and adults. Their venture, Real Expression draws on painting, pottery, movement, drawing and music to encourage individuals to access their natural creative selves to build their self-esteem.

Gillian and Janine are publishing a children’s book…available end January 2015.